VM 1970 Ford Tow Truck

Author: Vengeful_Maniac This is a nice looking Ford Tow Truck. Ideal for those maps where you might be in need of a tow truck which can go to those places regular tow trucks get stuck. It looks really good, the texture job on this truck is amazing. It comes with … Continue reading

Brute 99 GMC Toy

Author: BruteTerror This is just the kind of car you want when all you want it is to tear through a level at breakneck stupidity ;). It features multiple tires, some nice addons and a big 4×4 attitude. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=711350668

F350 Mud Truck

Author: SoD Source: Oovee Feel like blasting through the mud in a truck that looks like it eats mud for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Then try this F350 by SoD. It wil tear down the road without problem. SoD has even inserted the new driver character to make it look … Continue reading

Level – Monster Truck Arena

Author: hoanns Source: Oovee This is a very specific level, aimed at Monster truck use. Big ramps, a pit of death and some other obstacles to try and drive over with your Monster Truck. Or any other truck really ;).


Author: Arraial Source: Oovee Arraial is amazing us all again with this. The Man Titan Crane. A 4×4 crane, with front and rear wheel steer, doors and windows that can open, anchors to secure the crane and parts that can fall off when you crash. Parts like the bumper and … Continue reading

Monster 55 Chevy

Author: Powers2240 Source: Oovee This is a nice Monster truck to have. Features two tires and a whole lot of torque plus 4 colours to setup. Set to zero damage so you can drive it around all day long with recieving damage. Real good fun this mod!

Test drive – Monster Truck in the rain

A dual test drive this time. The newest version of the Rain mod by Draconus and a Monster Truck being worked on by BruteTerror. The rain mod is nearing its completion and looks really good. Thanks to SID it also has the sound of thunderstruck in the distance and Draconus … Continue reading

Kraz 4540

Author: Ilgiz Karimov Source: modfiles.ru My first impressions upon driving out of the garage were, ‘This thing needs training wheels’, because it wobbled around so much.  But the little truck grew on me – inspite of appearances it’s very capable.  It comes with the standard set of add-ons one has come … Continue reading

Koenigsegg Monster truck

Author: ChameleonHUM Source: vk.com Like the Lambo monster this mod is just for fun. Basicly the same carriage as well so you now get to trash an Egg around a map ;). Have fun!

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Monster truck

Author: ChameleonHUM Source: vk.com This one classifies as just weird as anything out there. It is a Lambo Sesto Elemento Monster truck. Try it out on any of the raceway tracks for fun!