Tatra Jamal 8×8

Author: V12 / garminbreak Info and screenshots by V12 Credits : – original mesh, textures and sounds stywy, Phoenix chassis and textures Smety and Angelus – aditional textures garminbreak – chassis 6×6 to 8×8 redesign garminbreak Original chassis has been dramaticaly reworked, now contains : – movable wheel hubs – … Continue reading

Map – Albi, WA ORV

Author: MoeRon Post text by author: Big thanks, SID for testing and feedback. Serious for testing and feedback along with adjusting XML’s to make the map proper. blackwater_CA for helping me get started. Albi, WA ORV is the name of the map. Staring vehicles are uaz, zil, ural, kraz, and … Continue reading

Tatra 813 Pack

CREDITS: Original tatra mesh: Drracer Textures: outerra studios Ingame convertion: Dustin B., Arraial, Zidon Sounds: P.Polánszki Convertion for latest update (and some addons ): V12, Pitrsonn, Korvetak, Maztekk and other friends from rc4x4.cz forum Here are 5 variations of Tatra: 1. “Normal” Tatra with lot of addons 2. “turbo” Tatra … Continue reading

Tatra 813 truck trial

Author: Zidon / Patholog Source: Oovee The might Tatra 813 Trial truck brought to you by Zidon and Patholog. And it delivers big time. This truck can conquer almost any terrain ST has to offer. Try it out yourself to believe that fact. Three wheels to choose from plus a … Continue reading

Tatra 813 Mp + Trial

Author: Zidon155 / Arraial Tweaker: V12 V12 has done us all a favour by making the famous Tatra 813 Kolos working in MultiPlayer. And to add to this great news he has included in this package a trial version of the Kolos. One truck that was missing from ST until … Continue reading