Level – Trail Valley

Author: Stevester Gamez Not really hardcore trailing but very entertaining nonetheless. Steve put some love in making this map and it shows. You can spend some good hours trailing your way along the many trails this map offers. It has: 1 Garage 2 Fuel No Objectives 6 Start Vehicles Lots … Continue reading

Level – Monkeys Trail

Author: WrenchinMonkey No objective as this is a true trail map. And it is a good one. Although not as big as Terra Verde it certainly does the job of providing you with hours of trail fun!  

Level – Fairy Trail

Author: Tim1 Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by Tim1 This is the holy grail of my maps and is extremely detailed. Perfect for exploring trails, with many views looking over the tree tops. As for logging, I have included only one objective. The difficulty depends on the route you take, … Continue reading

Level – Alpine Trail

Author: TheRigStig If you like hauling lumber while driving through lush forests then this is your map. Relatively easy map to do some logging on. But do not be fooled by the forests and how it looks.. keep your eyes on the road or crash into a tree.

Level – Trail Club

Author: 89cherokeelimited This map is a lot of trails with challenges and obstacles like mud pits, hill climbs, river crossings, hill descents, rock crawling, and some hidden trails to get another vehicle around to help winch stuck vehicles. There are hidden mud areas also. Some of the hidden mud is … Continue reading

Level – Planz 4×4

  Author: CP711 Source: Oovee Text from the author: Large Map, 1 Trail, 8 Stages, Length: 9833m / 6 miles, Time to complete: 1 to 1.5 hours. This trail is worn out from excessive erosion and off-roaders. I suggest you download Tattoos-gearbox-collection if you haven’t already! You will be using … Continue reading

Level – Planz Trail Map

Author: CP711 Source: Oovee Nice trail map, not too difficult but to enjoy it you need to stick the car into low gear and crawl through it. The setup of the terrain is good. Not just slapped into place but the author has put some thought into this. Good map … Continue reading

Level – Smugglers Trail

Author: newbie_master Source: Oovee A rectangular map with a smugglers trail right down the middle. Maps with a story line are always better and this one hits the spot. To get to the other side you can follow the sides of the map or choose to go on the old … Continue reading