Author: His Prince Source: Nice big tractor, lots of pulling power. The wheels need work as the rims also deform but besides that it is a good tractor for loggin or rescuing.  

LKT 81 Turbo

Source: Oovee CREDITS: highlander – base model of LKT hz888 – converting it to ST A.Fateev – nice textures job P.Polánszki – sounds Tatoo – hard work on front plow movable and tweaks PressureLine – loadable logs addon and tweaks Gabe – testing and tweaks Cistern trailer + tractorist is … Continue reading

HTZ T-150 Timber

Author: Ronnie (and friends) Source: Yet anoter remake of the mighty T-150 tractor. This time with its own medium log trailer and load, good animation and texturing. Can be fitted with a choice in wheels including a double wheels setup which looks impressive. The cabinview is there also and … Continue reading

ST14 – Deutz x720 Tractor

Author: Giants, Mods-Hub Team Source: MP/Achievements: No This a big tractor. The Deutz x720 has 4×4 with 4 big wheels. Which, in the right hands, can get anywhere. Some addons available like counterweights and a tow ball and tractor. It is a pain in the backside to position for … Continue reading

ST14 – Kramer KL200

Author: Yuri Eremchuck Source: Oovee MP/Achievements: No A nice little compact tractor to go exploring with. Or pull a bigger truck just to see how far you can take it. Not that far if plan a river crossing the wrong way ;).

ST14 – YUMZ-6KL tractor

Author: Alexandr17 Mont, Anton Smirnov, ronnie, StarT Source: The YUMZ-6KL is a little tractor with a great fun factor. It only has difflock but can be fitted with big rear wheels which makes it good fun to drive around the map. Good animation, textures and overall look and feel. Replaces … Continue reading

ST14 – T40 tractor plus trailer

Author: Ls Sound: Anton Smirnov Source: The first tractor to enter the realm of Spin Tires (Full Game). The T40 with a trailer to attach. It has two choices of wheels, a roll cage and then that trailer. Drives different then what we are used now, because it is … Continue reading