Volvo XC90 Pack

Author: Hoanns Two for the price of one download. A normal XC90 with offroad tires and police flashlight ;). Aaaaaand a XC90 on tracks. Really cool build by Hoanns. The tracked version is best driven in 1+ so get it up to speed and let’r rip! The tracks work great … Continue reading

T-130 dozer

Author: Player Sanya A really cool attempt at tracks. This T130 has been made too look like it has tracks and Sanya did a good job at that. It actually moves like a tracked vehicle and it can pull a 10X10 truck through a swamp. Excellent rescue vehicle!

Spin Tank

I found this gem here and it basicly is a old old version of the game from way back in 2011. I have no information on who made it and how but it does show a T-90 tank with working tracks. Which, in my opinion, does give hope for the future! … Continue reading