Level – Under the lines

Author: Rough Rider A interesting map, it starts of as a leisure crawl along the dirt pathways between the powerline towers map. But once you go off to the side and on to one of many trail paths that is where the real fun starts.

Level – On The Rocks

Author: Major Mudd Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by Major Mudd This is my first map. It’s not huge but it has huge challenging rock crawling .No objectives. Intended for just good ole off road fun. I would recommend SpinTires plus and something with a lot of lift and stability. … Continue reading

Map – Bridge over the river Vah

Author: V12 Source: V12 Map works in Legacy and latest stable. Latest stable by: King Unique Start Your Uaz, find T148 with garrage carriage, then continue to find Praga Utility. Use Praga to refuel T813 equiped with garrage cariage. With this two Tatra trucks unlock garage, use apropriate equipment and … Continue reading

Map – The Pit

Author: IMGN.pro Source: Oovee Latest stable by: King Unique Forgot to post this map here *grin*. It is The Pit map made my the firm who are behind the distribution of Spin Tires. IMGN.pro. Interesting map with loads of beautiful scenery to look at while you try to get from … Continue reading

Map – The Ramp

Author: Madpower Source: here The name of the map says it all. It has a ramp. Somewhere. Find it and crash you truck in a way not yet available in the game before this map. The map also provides a trial area and lots of other terrain variants to explore. … Continue reading

Map – The Path of the Road

Author: Ivan Voschilko Interesting map to drive because it is a spectular waterfall which i obviously had the drive a truck down ;). Did not succeed though, it drowned. But besides that minor error on my part this map is worth the download.

Level – The Crossing

Author: PsychoticScrooge Source: Spintires.nl PsychoticScrooge gives us his first ever map. It gives you some nasty challenges like boulders everywhere LOL. Not too bad for a first map though, looking forward to more.

Map – The Ark

Author: Norsa The name says it all.. i think. The Ark is a fun map with something for everybody. Easy to drive sections and also sections where you need to keep an eye on your surroundings to plot a correct course.

Map – The Forest

Author: GotStuck Source: Oovee This is a hardcore map. No roads whatsoever. This is a make your own road kind of map. Lots of vegetation to get through which makes this a real challenging map to lumber transport on. If you are in need of a challenge get this map … Continue reading