1995 Suzuki Samurai Crawler

Source: Steam Author: Eugene Sivkov Fixer: Rock3t (fixed meshes, minor errors) Very smooth suzuki crawler. It has the crawler body, tires and gear to be added. The only downside is the ford front bumper which floats and the winch points in front which seem out of place, i would have done … Continue reading

Suzuki Samurai

Author: Bregel This is a nice treat by Bregel. A classic SJ413 hard top Samurai. I think it is , looks  a lot like one i once owned. Typical Bregel attention to detail. Rides good, can be fitted with some nice addons and is a treat to look at.

Test drive – Suzuki Samurai LJ80

This one reminds of the Suzuki Samurai i once used to own, a looooooong time ago. SpunInDarkness has created this little runner to have lots of fun with in the game. It can go pretty much anywhere. It likes the mud and water and can pick up quite some speed … Continue reading