Landrover SIII + Mini log trailer

Author: Pixelherder Fixer: V12 Source: Oovee Once upon a time there was this very unique mod being made by Pixelherder, back in the tech demo days. It was later converted to the full game but it came at a price. Due to some glitch you needed to remove the cache … Continue reading

ST14 – Hummer H2 SUT 4×4

Author: Bregel Source: unknown This is the more common version of the H2 Hummer. With just 4 wheels ;). The mod comes with a choice in wheels and various small addons like a winch bumper. The exhaust smoke was missing so i added that to the xml. The truck drives … Continue reading

ST14 – UAZ 456

Author: Bregel Source: Oovee This is a fictional car, a 6×6 UAZ 456. Comes with a choice in tires and addons. There is even some sheep to drive around the map :). One word of warning, do not use more than 4 addons or the game engine will freak out! … Continue reading

Level – Offroad Park

Author: SKŲŁŁΘԲÐЗѦŦH Source: Right here Looking for a map for a quick spin through the mud or to crawl some rocks or to choose difficult routes? Look no further. This is the Offroad Park map by SKŲŁŁΘԲÐЗѦŦH and it just screams FUN FUN FUN. Available in Legacy and latest stable version (9-3-15) … Continue reading

ST14 – Mercedes Benz Actross

Author: HZ888 ST14 Conversion: Andrey Cheryomin Source: I doubt hz888 gave permission for this but it is too cool not to post. The Merc Benz Actross dumper truck. Comes with a dumper and cement addon. Can be fitted with different tires. Likes to eat mud for breakfast. Does not … Continue reading

ST14 – Blackwater Map

Author: Blackwater_CA Source: Oovee This is a real treat. The reason i used a Landrover Camel Trophy to test this map is because it brings back memories of watching these Camel Trophy adventures on tv as a kid. It is small but has all the content you need for a … Continue reading

Level – El Bosque Bravo

Author: Blackwater_CA Source: Oovee This is a must have map if you like dense grass and trees and paths that are not easy to drive on. The first hundred meters gives a real good idea of what the rest of the map is like. 11-1-16 Map updated to latest_stable by Vitaly … Continue reading

ST14 – MAZ 7410 16X16

Author: Source: MP/Achievements: No This is the Maz 7410 16×16 heavy transporter. Usually it does rockets but here in ST it does log transport, repair tent or MAZ 7410 crane. It has 16×16 traction so it can go almost everywhere, not good in tight corners or dense forest. A … Continue reading

ST14 – VAZ 1111

Author: Max Dmitriev Source: Oovee MP/Achievements: NO You want a little car to drive around the map? Need something to squeeze through those tight trees? This is it. The Vaz 1111. Which can go from pretty plain to downright mini-monster with some addons and bigger wheels.  

Map – Agricultural

Author: Mr Cod Source: Latest stable by: King Unique There has been a rush of new maps being made for the game. Sadly based on a leaked map editor. And although i do not approve of leaking tools i am going to post about this map. Why? Because it … Continue reading