Test drive – Snow blizzard!

Test drive – Snow blizzard!

Draconus is hard at work creating a winter wonderland for us all to play with. He has already released a snow falling mod but if you really feel the need to change the gameplay he has this cooking in his mod kitchen. A full-blown snow blizzard! Which actually covers the … Continue reading

Snow falling mod

Author: Draconus43077 Source: Spintires-mods.eu The Winter Theme mod is coming but for now we have this falling snow mod. It uses the exhaust as a trigger to spawn the snow so if you use a mod without exhaust add one or else the snow will fall but not follow the … Continue reading

Test drive – Winter Season mod

Draconus43077 is working on creating a weather mod for Spin Tires that many of us would want. A Winter Theme mod to be precise. It is a work in progress but we got permission to do a test drive with the 90% completed package. And it is awesome. The test … Continue reading

ST14 – First Snow

Author: Rustam Kashapov Source: stmods.ru MP/Achievements: Should work There is already a winter season  but this mod is worth it to be downloaded. It takes a little different approach where it does not cover everything in snow. Instead it makes it look like the first snow has fallen leaving mud … Continue reading