Map – Siberia

Author: Pixelherder Latest stable by: King Unique Short and beuatifull map which represent Siberia in Russia. Forest tracks and shallow river beds which can be used for a shortcut route. It has all the ingredients for a short logging run and still give you all the fun you need. Thanks … Continue reading

Level – Siberia

Author: Michael Vorotintcev Source: A huge huge map, in download size. This is because it filled with lots of custom objects. It is designed pretty good with, due to the custom objects, lots of good scenery to explore. Map 1 garage, 2 gas stations, felling 2, 3 and 5 point … Continue reading

Map – Siberian Express + 7 days

Author: no107064 Two maps in 1 package. Two extremely well done maps i might add. Really thought out terrain design. Excellent for the more experienced drivers.  The scenery is just stunning and you will not be bored for a long while riding these two maps. The tip i can give for … Continue reading