Level – Russian Arms Expo

Author: Łukasz Popowicz The Russian Army Expo shows are legendary. Lots of new hardware is shown and demonstrated their and this level uses it as the theme. The level features a testing ground, bombed out area with deep pits to lose your truck in and a deserted shooting range. Nice work … Continue reading

Level – Russian Taiga

Author: no107064 Source: vk.com Big map with a good dosage of custom objects and a challenging terrain layout. You can, using the right vehicle, create some interesting routes for yourself on this map. Follow the river for example, lots of fun to be found in the water.

ST14 – Russian Road Map

Author: Evil Source: vk.com This is another big map. Called the Russian Road is it is muddy and a challenge to get from a to b. Nice dense forest and it just has that authentic backwater feel to it. I took the upgraded MTVR 8×8 out for a spin on … Continue reading