Land Rover Classic

Author: voto.1979 A old land rover but still very capable off road truck. It can be fitted with a list of addons to add cargo space, soft top and hard top or extra spare wheel etc. Nice vehicle to do some exploring with.

Land Rover Defender 110 Camel Trophy

Author: SID Source: Oovee Finally it is released out into the wild. I will not spend a lot of words on it because this one is a truck you will have to experience for yourself. If you like my mods, consider a donation. Thanks SID. In legacy and latest_stable flavour. … Continue reading

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

Author: Sergey Pasichnyk Source: In my opinion the most ugly rover out there but this mod is worth a try. The underside is not realistic but the rest is. It drives like a city car would although this rover does also know how to deal with the terrain quite wel. … Continue reading

Test drive – Land Rover Defender 110 Camel Trophy

Recently there was a release of a mod by SID you may have noticed. A awe inspiring Land Rover Defender 110 which is just really cool. And now SID has outdone himself by creating this Camel Trophy edition which really is just a masterpiece when it comes to mod making. … Continue reading

Land Rover Defender 110

Author: SID Source: Oovee The iconic 110. Sadly discontinued this year by Land Rover so this is your chance to enjoy it some more in Spin Tires. Excellent build by SID with help from BruteTerror (wheels). The 110 feels like the real deal. Slow but it will get there. There … Continue reading

Test drive – Land Rover Defender 110

This has to be one of my favorite mods to come. The iconic Land Rover Defender 110. By SID. Do i need to say more? Yes i do actually because test driving this car was a treat. It has the characteristics of the LR110 down to a t.  The gearing … Continue reading

Range Rover Sport

Author: Kolyan Matveev Source: Obviously ripped from GTA this is a Range Rover Sport in white. Excellent car for bashing around the Blackwater Raceway map (as seen in the screenshots).