Map – Rocky Pass

Author: V12 This is a interesting map from V12. It has a very good implementation of a rocky area. Better then in any other map i have seen. The screenshots, from V12, tell a better story then i can so take a look at them and then download and enjoy! … Continue reading

Level – Rocky entourage

Author: Khan Source: Good map with a decent terrain layout which provides plenty of challenges to overcome. On the map: 7 cars, 1 car garage, 1 dressing, 3 saws, felling 1 manual and automatic loading.

Level – Oak Rocky Road

Author: Nordvind Source: Oovee Text from the author: Hello there, here is my 2nd map “Oak Rocky Road” wich is larger and has more things to do than on my 1st “shot or not” level. This map is ROUGHLY based on the real terrain where i used to live when … Continue reading