Realistic Rock Pack

Author: Tim1 Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by author: This is a pack of 8 new rock models for map makers to use. There are several texture variations to suit different biomes. I have included a small map in the download so you can take a quick look before using … Continue reading

Level – Silver Rocks

Source: Text from SilverRocks second, realistic and detail-designed card from Vladislav, maks.razmerov 32×32. Difficult, but not hardcore. On the map all kinds of roads, landscapes and vegetation, ext. objects. For the most part of the corridor, but the roads are many and some are connected. Dirt, rocks, traps, … Continue reading

Level – Backwoods mud on the rocks

Author: Major Mudd Major Mudd is quickly carving out his own space in map making country. This is his latest work called Backwoods mud on the rocks. It has several great trails layed out for those who want to do some rock crawling or trailing or both. Plus you can … Continue reading

Level – On The Rocks

Author: Major Mudd Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by Major Mudd This is my first map. It’s not huge but it has huge challenging rock crawling .No objectives. Intended for just good ole off road fun. I would recommend SpinTires plus and something with a lot of lift and stability. … Continue reading

Level – Rocks

Author: ABR Have you broken? You run out of fuel? You need the logs? Now they will come to you themselves! Yes, now we have DRIVEN the train! – railroad – driven trains, they can deliver to any place: – fuel – repair parts – logs – a lot of … Continue reading