Level – AussieRockPark

Author: Aussie4x4pro This is taking rock crawling to the extreme. Who needs trees and mud for crawling? This is just rocks upon rocks upon rocks. Really technical crawling map, better bring a vehicle that has flex and grip or you will not make it.

Rock Crawler the Beast

Author: blackcall2 A rock crawler perfect for well.. rock crawling and also trail driving. It does have the all known crazy noodle suspension but if you forgive that then you have a decent crawler to ride with.

DCMT Rock Friction Fix

Author: DrGoNZo1489 This mod has been asked for by the community and so I’ve taken the liberty in releasing my version. This tweak increases the friction of the games “big_rock_a” model as well as the “small_rock_a-c” models and the “fallen_spruces” used by the plant distributions. Installs with JSGME just extract … Continue reading

Level – Rackywetsmoll

Author: NTSR In need of some heavy duty rock crawling and also wanting to get the wheels wet? Then download this map as it combines the two. The map is resembling a washed out valley with lots of roads to pick from. Boulders and rocks are everywhere, also underwater so … Continue reading

Testing Level X

Author: X Currently testing a new map which is being worked on by a well known map maker. This map is awesome if you want to do some rock crawling in a rock crawl course made by Mother Nature her self. Very natural placement of rocks and trees and all … Continue reading

Searching for this.. request help

Hi there, i am searching for this legacy mod: Basicly this was a proof of concept made by a forum user called Tattoo in 2015. I have lost the file and need it in order to help mod makers create better suspension. If anyone stil has a copy of it … Continue reading

Map – Diamondback

Author: Nix_909 This is a rock crawler map. And nothing more. Oh you can do some logging if you want but really this map is all about rock crawling. Imagine taking each rock and place it on this map, shaping and moving it. One by one. Lot of work went … Continue reading

Rabid Canary

Author: stetson Source: Oovee This is a must have adrenaline junkie truck. A true Rock Bouncer. Which means it goes fast and can climb insane hills without problem. The only ‘downside’ is that it borders on out of control madness but don’t let that stop you. Its blue brother is … Continue reading

Test drive – Gonzo’s Rock Bouncer Map

This map is for one type of car only. The Rock Bouncers. Crawlers could have fun here too but this map is more aimed towards brute strength and bouncing your way up a mountain as high as you can get. definitely something else and a lot of fun. He’s included … Continue reading