Level – Aussie 4×4 Deathroads

Author: Aussie4x4pro Source: Oovee Inspired by the Bolivian Death Road this is a map for those who like a good towing challenge or just to explore a trail to see where it goes. Also logging is possible on this map but who would want to go logging on a death … Continue reading

Level – Open Roads

Level – Open Roads

Author: MoeRon Source: here This is a nice map to have in your collection. The maps that are available now are mostly about trail or heavy-duty logging. This map features an open road theme which means long winding roads to go logging on. But don’t be fooled by the clear … Continue reading

Map – Forest Mountain Roads

Author: Wasily2007 Source: vk.com A good solid map for when you just feel like driving around, no goal just cruising. Good layout of the terrain, good use of trees and mud. Excellent map imho. On the map one garage, two mills, two sawmills and three refueling.

Map – Dangerous Roads

Author: Andrei Astastirov This is indeed a map full of roads which need a good driver to prevent the truck from crashing. It features small roads with cliffs down one side and also muddy forest roads which suck your truck down and slow your pace. This is a challenging map for … Continue reading