Level – Mountain Road

Author: Anton Source: stmods.ru Text from stmods.ru: Suffice it interesting and unusual card. More than 100 hours in the editor. On the map additional static objects used. I tried to make a balance of dirt and dry road, turned around 40/60. The card is in the style of the mountain … Continue reading

Level – Oak Rocky Road

Author: Nordvind Source: Oovee Text from the author: Hello there, here is my 2nd map “Oak Rocky Road” wich is larger and has more things to do than on my 1st “shot or not” level. This map is ROUGHLY based on the real terrain where i used to live when … Continue reading

Map – The Path of the Road

Author: Ivan Voschilko Interesting map to drive because it is a spectular waterfall which i obviously had the drive a truck down ;). Did not succeed though, it drowned. But besides that minor error on my part this map is worth the download.

Level – It’s time for the road

Author: Vitargan177 Screenshots by: Alexey Baranov Source: vk.com From the author: “Hello! I am glad to give you a new card “It is time for the road.” This name card received not as a simple road map very much! But revealing in terms of location to carry logs on it will be … Continue reading

Map – Terrible Road

Author: Ibragimov Rinat This map delivers one thing and one thing only. Terrible driving conditions. I had to use the ZIL 137 with active logging trailer to be able to move around easy. It is not a big map but if crawling slowly down a muddy road is your thing then … Continue reading

Map – Diegos Road Remake

Author: no107064 Diegos Road is a map which was around for a while but has gotten some tlc and has been remade into a amazing map. You really feel like you are deep in the woods where normal roads rarely exist and you have to rely on your driving skills a … Continue reading

Map – Rail Road Builder

Author: V12 Source: right here This is a new map from V12 and it is yet again amazing in details. Lots of custom objects used and there is even a sort of storyline for it. As V12 himself explained it: “This piece is “railroad building supplier” – You need deliver … Continue reading

ST14 – Mysterious Road v2

Author: Igor Viktorov Source: vk.com This is a nice big map with a lot of new object on it like houses, sheds, abandoned trucks, skyscrapers,water towers, bridges etc etc. You even get some trucks with this package like the Landcruiser. Which explains why this map package is quite large. Still … Continue reading

ST14 – Russian Road Map

Author: Evil Source: vk.com This is another big map. Called the Russian Road is it is muddy and a challenge to get from a to b. Nice dense forest and it just has that authentic backwater feel to it. I took the upgraded MTVR 8×8 out for a spin on … Continue reading