Level – DPI Olesja River

Author: DexterParis Source: Oovee »Olesja River« ist a fictional place where several small rivers from the nearby mountains merge together. After weeks of heavy rainfalls the water level has risen and forces the truck drivers to cross the rivers again and again. Characteristics – predominantly flat terrain – different road … Continue reading

Level – West Fork River

Author: Spoke01 Source: Oovee text and screenshots by Spoke01 WEST FORK RIVER MAP INFO: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ST Game version: 03\03\16 Map version: v1.0 File Date: 07\21\16 Type: Discovery and logging Grid Size: 32×32 (64×64) Custom Items: 0 (zero) Includes: Fuel Stations: 1x Fuel Tanks: 2x Lumber Stations: 1x Log Kiosks: 3x … Continue reading

ST14 – Summer river

Author: Nicossalonso The idea of this little tweak is to make the river appear more like it would in the summer. Nice idea of Nicossalonso. It does involve editing one of the xml files of the game so no clue what this will do to mp or achievements. Download the … Continue reading