Author: Mod design and texture design and  lua script code/Draconus Original particle spawning idea /steam use idea /Marijn Sounds done by/ Sid Source: Spintires.nl The Rain mod. What it does is best seen in these screenshots. It adds rain to the game including thunder in the distance. This mod is … Continue reading

Test drive – Monster Truck in the rain

A dual test drive this time. The newest version of the Rain mod by Draconus and a Monster Truck being worked on by BruteTerror. The rain mod is nearing its completion and looks really good. Thanks to SID it also has the sound of thunderstruck in the distance and Draconus … Continue reading

Rain v2 playtest v2

Draconus is stil at work on the upcoming Rain mod. Reaching a v2 playtest he has done a lot of work on the sfx part of the rain, the way objects get wet, the way the sun reflects on it, the way it falls around the vehicle you are driving. … Continue reading

Test drive – Rain

Draconus is not being lazy. Watch what his next project does, it brings us rain. And it looks awesome, trucks get wet and the rain can be seen in puddles as well. Watch the vehicle as its rains it will get wet and all in-game models get wet as well.The garages,fuel … Continue reading