Level – Project Six

Author: Schlammspringer Source: Oovee Text copied from Oovee site: The Story: After a hard day’s work and delivering a container full of wooden shoes from the local factory, you are looking forward to get home, eat something and then play a round of SpinTires on your new computer. But then, … Continue reading

Map – Project Two

Author: Schlammspringer Source: here Hello offroad truckers This map was made to be a “working” map, so don’t expect anything for crawling, trailing or racing! It’s no hardcore map but has some tricky edges. Furtermore, you’ll need some basic craning skills, because there is only manual loading of logs and a … Continue reading

Map – Project X2 + Prerunners

Map author: Blackwater_CA 96 F150 Prerunner author: BruteTerror Raptor Prerunner: SID This is a package deal. You get one map, improved Project X map, plus two trucks in 4 different skins. Two F150 prerunners and two raptor prerunners. Unzip the package and stuff it all into your Media folder and … Continue reading

Map – Project X

Author: Blackwater_CA Available in legacy and latest stable version this is the Blackwater Project X map. Ment for fun and without any logging objectives. Just take out your fastest truck and start racing this map making big jumps! If you like what you see then please consider a small donation … Continue reading

Test drive – Project X

While crossing the forest with my old beaten up kraz i saw a vehicle move fast between the trees. I tried to get my camera out fast to take some pictures but in my haste they blurred a little. What is it? No one yet knows. We did manage to … Continue reading