Level – Planz Extreme Spintires

Decided to post it here due to demand. Text and screenshots by author. Map Description: The map is designed to utilize all the functions of the latest version of SpinTiresPlus 8vhf1. The map features 15 spawn locators that will need to be turned on in the SpinTires Plus settings that … Continue reading

Level – Planz 4×4

  Author: CP711 Source: Oovee Text from the author: Large Map, 1 Trail, 8 Stages, Length: 9833m / 6 miles, Time to complete: 1 to 1.5 hours. This trail is worn out from excessive erosion and off-roaders. I suggest you download Tattoos-gearbox-collection if you haven’t already! You will be using … Continue reading

Level – Planz Trail Map

Author: CP711 Source: Oovee Nice trail map, not too difficult but to enjoy it you need to stick the car into low gear and crawl through it. The setup of the terrain is good. Not just slapped into place but the author has put some thought into this. Good map … Continue reading