Datsun 510 Pickup

Author: Bregel Nice little powerhouse. Can be used to repair other trucks in the field or to do small logging with using the logging addon. Has two sets of tires and excellent texturing as always. Plus, despite its size, great off road capabilities.

Uaz Patriot Pickup Ladoga

Author: Forester (27RUS) Source: Really good trail truck is all i can say. It climbs like a mountain goat while looking good. It has a nice list of addons and tires. It has all the badges you wil even need on a truck and it just goes. This is a … Continue reading

ST14 – UAZ Pickup Patriot

Author: Gisha 7 Source: MP/Achievements: No The UAz pickup patriot is a good fun car to go exploring with. Two choices in wheels and as a bonus a set of fuel cannisters and a tent to cover them up.

ST14 – Ford F350

Author: BruteTerror Skin: SpunInDarkness Tech Support Anders Orum, Arraial Testing, Unlimited Modding Team Source: Oovee This is the might Ford F350 pickup truck. Brought to live in ST14 by BT and SID. Its a powerfull truck which brings you a choice in tires, exchaust (rear and two types of stacks) and two trailers. … Continue reading


Author: Vlad Lebedev ST14 Converter: Victor Rammen Source: The UAZ Patriot Pickup is a truck that can take a beating but also has its breaking point, see screenshot. Good truck to have some with. Does not have a trailer hitch or any other goodies. You will have to add … Continue reading