1998 Nissan Patrol GQ

This is the kind of car you want to have with you when visiting a trail somewhere. Or in this case a nice trail map. This is a Nissan Patrol that Hazzard is working on and it is nearing completion. It looks rugged and it can take a punch and … Continue reading

Nissan Patrol 2005

Author: Unknown, ronnie, HAG. Addons: ronnie, HAG. Wielen:. ronnie, HAG Load boards. hz888 Source: vk.com A really good mod of the Nissan Patrol 2005. Tires choices and addon choices plenty and the truck really does deliver when it comes to overcoming obstacles and mud etc

Nissan Patrol GR Y60

Author: HazzardMods Source: Oovee A short wheel base Nissan Patrol. Two sets of tires to choose from and no addons. Don’t let that stop you from downloading it. Its a fun truck to ride around the levels with, excellent for scouting a new route before taking a big lumber truck … Continue reading