Level – AussieRockPark

Author: Aussie4x4pro This is taking rock crawling to the extreme. Who needs trees and mud for crawling? This is just rocks upon rocks upon rocks. Really technical crawling map, better bring a vehicle that has flex and grip or you will not make it.

Level – Offroad Park

Author: newbie_master Source: Oovee Great offroad park level. This is what the author has to say about it. In our installation, you’ll find: Practice track for stadium truck Several rock crawling areas of various difficulties Many trailing path to discover. Each area has its own garage to open.

Level – Oakridge Park

Author:{B.A.O}~RiskyWhiskey If you want a challenging trail map then try this one for size. It is nice in size and offers many many obtacles and terrain layout that wil keep you occupied for quite some hours.I could write down  a whole block of text but this is one map you … Continue reading

Level – Offroad Park

Author: SKŲŁŁΘԲÐЗѦŦH Source: Right here Looking for a map for a quick spin through the mud or to crawl some rocks or to choose difficult routes? Look no further. This is the Offroad Park map by SKŲŁŁΘԲÐЗѦŦH and it just screams FUN FUN FUN. Available in Legacy and latest stable version (9-3-15) … Continue reading