Jeep Crawler Pack

Author: DrGoNzO1489 Three very capable crawlers by the Dr. Can be fitted with several wheels and other addons. Needs Spintires+ to work. Just download ST+ and install that without changing anything and you will be fine.

Volvo XC90 Pack

Author: Hoanns Two for the price of one download. A normal XC90 with offroad tires and police flashlight ;). Aaaaaand a XC90 on tracks. Really cool build by Hoanns. The tracked version is best driven in 1+ so get it up to speed and let’r rip! The tracks work great … Continue reading

Discovery 3 Pack

Author: hydrowasul This is a great pack to have. Two landrover discovery 3 trucks. One in normal everyday setup with three wheels to choose from. The other a G4 setup with BruteTerror wheels added and a gearbox borrowed from SID Landrover Defender 110. The tuned gearbox gives you more control … Continue reading

ST14 – KRAZ 6437 Pack

Author: PrAIZeR, BrUISeR, Denis_WRC, Kinbolon, V1RU$, ТиамаТ_ЕА, Vladislav, ronnie Source: Zagruzka-mods Copied text – multiplayer and achievements not working;  – replaces KrAZ; – sounds of the engine from the original game KrAZ; – the model is the animation of the suspension; – the model has its wheels; – the model contains … Continue reading

ST14 – ZIL-131 and ZIL-4334 Pack

Author: RedPoW Source: Zagruzka-mods Two for the price of one. The ZIL-131 and the ZIL-4334. Two iconic Russian trucks with a choice in tires and addons. Just don’t load the zil 4334 with its own addons at the lumberyard as it wil spin like a tornada, when you also got … Continue reading

ST14 – Trailer Pack 3

Author: Arraial ST14 Converter: Anders Orum Source: Oovee ** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by Kaku ** Copied from Oovee This mod does NOT disable multiplayer or achievements, it works online and other players can see it if they got it aswell. New Trailers in v1.0: … Continue reading

ST14 – Trailer Pack 2

Author: Anders Ørum Original author: Nicossalonso Source: Oovee Another trailer pack to play with. One giant 6000 liter tanker, a BIG tree, a excavator and a trailer with an atv. The last one can also be used to haul other vehicles. It does work in MP and also does not hinder … Continue reading