Level – Bogsloggy

Both of these levels are made with the standard editor and have NO custom objects or textures. The Terrain is 99.9% the same in both levels. They are intended to be difficult for logging!. ——————————————————————– level_bogsloggy_e (e == easy) has an open garage with unlocked, fuelled and healthy trucks. 1 … Continue reading

Level – Biverrig

Author: NTSR Tester: SID + crew And to start the day i got a new map by a known map maker, NTSR. Now the veteran players out there, including at least 1 Oovee staff member, know his maps are really detailed and realistic. And this new map is no less … Continue reading

Level – Rackysmoll

Author: NTSR NTSR is a map wizzard who strives to create natural flowing maps. And he has succeeded once again by creating this seemingly small map. It might seem small but this is a hardcore crawler map. He is managed to automate the creation of a rock crawl map and … Continue reading

Level – Fladfloosh

Author: NTSR Description by author: This map (made with the standard ST Editor) is intended as a logging map for small logs,  there are many narrow difficult twisty  muddy single tracks which are only really possible (for logging) with a very capable single 6×6 truck, and you will need to pay attention … Continue reading

Level – WheerDite

Before you ask.. no, i have no clue whatsoever what WheerDite stands for. I do know one thing for certain and that is that this map is a blast. A new creation from NTSR who we know from the Oxbow level. And again he pulls it off. This map just … Continue reading