Level – Backwoods mud on the rocks

Author: Major Mudd Major Mudd is quickly carving out his own space in map making country. This is his latest work called Backwoods mud on the rocks. It has several great trails layed out for those who want to do some rock crawling or trailing or both. Plus you can … Continue reading

F350 Mud Truck

Author: SoD Source: Oovee Feel like blasting through the mud in a truck that looks like it eats mud for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Then try this F350 by SoD. It wil tear down the road without problem. SoD has even inserted the new driver character to make it look … Continue reading

Sand paddle and Mud shredder wheels

Author: Tattoo Made by Tattoo these are the mud shredder and sand paddle wheels. From 32 to 60 in size, each wheel variant. Can be used on pretty much any mod out there so go ahead and rip up some mud with them!

Map – Terrible Road

Author: Ibragimov Rinat This map delivers one thing and one thing only. Terrible driving conditions. I had to use the ZIL 137 with active logging trailer to be able to move around easy. It is not a big map but if crawling slowly down a muddy road is your thing then … Continue reading