Level – Bald Mountain

Author: unknown Impressive map with lots of ground to cover. It has some nice features in it that will require some clever thinking to overcome. For example the bridge is a mean obstacle to overcome.

Level – Mountain Road

Author: Anton Source: stmods.ru Text from stmods.ru: Suffice it interesting and unusual card. More than 100 hours in the editor. On the map additional static objects used. I tried to make a balance of dirt and dry road, turned around 40/60. The card is in the style of the mountain … Continue reading

Level – Mountain Home

Source: Oovee Text copied 1:1 from Oovee, because it better then what i could write up 😉 Hak’s Mountain Home Trail Map Set somewhere in northern Arkansas near the town of Mountain Home. Once a logging area and now a national Parks and Recreation controlled land. The map features 6 … Continue reading

Level – Mountain Rivers

Author: Wasily2007 Source: vk.com No time to really play test this map but on the screenshots it looked good enough and i will be play testing this later on anyway. Screenshots from vk.com

Map – Forest Mountain Roads

Author: Wasily2007 Source: vk.com A good solid map for when you just feel like driving around, no goal just cruising. Good layout of the terrain, good use of trees and mud. Excellent map imho. On the map one garage, two mills, two sawmills and three refueling.