Mods updated

Mods have all been updated to the latest xml settings and filenames have been renamed where nescesary. Total replaced 174 times: “blending=”default”” => “Blending=”alpha”” Total replaced 1911 times: “Glossiness” => “Type” Total replaced 178 times: “Transparent=”true”” => “Blending=”alpha”” Total replaced 2035 times: “__da” => “__d_a” Total replaced 96 times: “LoadAddon.*=” … Continue reading

ST14 – Upgrading exisiting full game mods

Spin Tires has been available on Steam for a while now and has seen some changes along the way in how filenames should be done etc. To run a mod without glitches in the latest available Spin Tires version check the following list: Open all xml files that come with a … Continue reading