Mercedes 65G AMG

Author: Vlad Tkachenko Source: The well-known Merc 65G AMG. In two variants. Normal and off-road. Both are very capable cars although the off road ones has more balls than the others one ;). The in-car camera is excellent and you will notice the steering wheel also moves. Really well done … Continue reading

Bregel Merc G Bog Beast

This ladies and gentlemen is a beast. Think Mercedes G on steroids and then some. It looks aggressive and mean but can crawl gently over rocks as it has 2 gears forward and 1 reverse. Speed can be done when in +1 making this a very versatile vehicle to have … Continue reading

Test drive – Bregel Mercs

Yes we have good news. The master mod maker Bregel is back in the game and at work creating true beauties of trucks. I got the privelege to test 2 of 3 mercs he is now working on. A normal Merc and a pickup variant. Different tires to choose from … Continue reading