ST14 – MAZ 7410 16X16

Author: Source: MP/Achievements: No This is the Maz 7410 16×16 heavy transporter. Usually it does rockets but here in ST it does log transport, repair tent or MAZ 7410 crane. It has 16×16 traction so it can go almost everywhere, not good in tight corners or dense forest. A … Continue reading

MAZ 5337

Author: Andrew Cheremin Source: Short little 4×4 truck with three sets of tires, all the default addons and its own long logs trailer. Does not look it can do much but do not let its appearance fool you.  

MAZ 535 Goodies

Author: Gabe / Marcel79 The MAZ 535 looked a little naked and so Gabe and Marcel79 have been busy in his workshop providing us with this. A package filled with goodies for the 535. Protection cage, spare wheels and extra wheel sets to choose from. Transforming the Maz 535 from … Continue reading

MAZ 509 Rat

Author:  Team EvilEmpire Source: A maz 509 that has seen better times. Called a Rat like you have a ratrod or ratbike. A list of addons for hauling logs or rescuing a truck are available along with a nice set of wheels to choose from.

MAZ 642208

Author: Model and textures: OOVEE. Addons: OOVEE, By_USSR.Wheels: OOVEE. Maud made: By_USSR. Source: This is a true off road truck Russian style. It has 6×6 and will just about go anywhere. Massive truck with a lot of power and the looks to go with it.

ST14 – Maz 515 6×6

Author: Max Dmitriev Source: A 6×6 truck with amazing pulling power. It can do rocky roads with a lumber trailer without breaking a sweat. Really cool looking mod with lots of attention to detail. It does seem to have a problem with its own logging trailer but the default … Continue reading

MAZ 509

Author: Dimitry Romanenko Source: Very nice mod. It looks great, with superb animation and suspension. It can carry many addons including its own long logs trailer. Download it now and you will not be disappointed. Now also available in latest_stable:  

ST14 – Goodies for the Maz

Authors: Gabe and Marcel79 Source: Oovee The MAZ could use some TLC and with this package you can give it just that. New wheel set and a very good looking rollbar for the driver compartment.  

ST14 – Maz 642508

Author: ALUHA74RUS Source: MP/Achievements: No A big lumber truck with 6×6 drive. It has some cosmetic addons, one trailer and no extra tires. Still a great truck to drive and it has its own custom made log set to load up at the logging area. Or you can load it … Continue reading