Meshchora Model Pack

Meshchora Model Pack

Author – pokemone   This is just a bunch of objects you can put into your next map. All of them look great and load in instantly. Most of these objects are houses and benches. It also includes a couple of light fittings. How to install: Simply,  copy them into the … Continue reading

How to add a map to Spin Tires

Got asked how to add maps to Spin Tires. And made a quick how-to with pictures because they say more then words etc etc Go to and click on Map in the menu. Click twice to open the map section or choose the name of a map maker. Choose … Continue reading

ST14 – High res maps

Author: Stonelouse Source: Oovee For the maps currently avaible in the game we now have high resolution maps for you to use. If you want to make the game even more difficult the use these maps to plot your course instead of using F1.