Author: Voto.1979 It has 4 of its addon + standard, and 2 pairs of wheels and a whole heap of awesomeness. This thing hauls ass over rough terrain, even when loaded with containers or lumber. It is a work in progress but what a beauty already!

MAN TGS-26.480

Author: Dmitry Kharisov Source: Farming simulator trucks are welcome in Spin Tires because they look awesome. This one comes in two colours, white and red. Really good choice in tires and addons. Sadly i could not get it to load logs Logs can be loaded and this truck is so good … Continue reading

MAN TGS Little Flatbed

Author: Pra Indeed little this MAN truck has almost no offroad capabilities worth mentioning. Although it is good looking this truck is ony going to be drive nice on flat surfaces aka tarmac.

MAN TGS 18.440 4×4

Author: Prince, Lexan, RedPoW Source: Download this truck without regret. It has all the addons you wil ever need in a truck like this. Really good at pulling heavy loads, even up hill.


Author: Arraial Source: Oovee Arraial is amazing us all again with this. The Man Titan Crane. A 4×4 crane, with front and rear wheel steer, doors and windows that can open, anchors to secure the crane and parts that can fall off when you crash. Parts like the bumper and … Continue reading


Author: king_the_modder SID: Cab Textures Source: Oovee Four flavours of the might MAN KAT1 truck in one package for the game.  It comes with a 8×8, 6×6, and 4×4 versions. Has several different colors to choose from. (Blue, green, tan, white) All trucks can be used with the default addons but … Continue reading

M.A.N. KAT 4×4

Author: LetsRockAndRoll Source: This truck is a pleasure to drive (IMHO).  It handles well, plenty of wheel travel and flexibility, and enough pep to get it up to a pleasant jog.  I found AWD and Diff lock were only needed in extreme cases.  Most roads and tracks can be tackled … Continue reading