Map – Bridge over the river Vah

Author: V12 Source: V12 Map works in Legacy and latest stable. Latest stable by: King Unique Start Your Uaz, find T148 with garrage carriage, then continue to find Praga Utility. Use Praga to refuel T813 equiped with garrage cariage. With this two Tatra trucks unlock garage, use apropriate equipment and … Continue reading

Map – Blackwater Raceway

Author: Blackwater Source: Oovee To be used in Legacy mode or latest stable version (9-3-2015) This is the must have map for those who just want to race around corners real fast, aka Nascar in the dirt ;). It is not  big but has lots of opportunities to plow your … Continue reading

Map – Tunguska crater

Author: no107064 Source: here This is a BIG download. Almost 800mb in size. And its worth the download time trust me on that. The map is gorgeous to drive through. Lots of custom object, stunning scenery and routes to explore. This is the map package without custom mods (trucks) so you … Continue reading

Map – Rail Road Builder

Author: V12 Source: right here This is a new map from V12 and it is yet again amazing in details. Lots of custom objects used and there is even a sort of storyline for it. As V12 himself explained it: “This piece is “railroad building supplier” – You need deliver … Continue reading

Map – Ukraine & Russia

Author: unknown Source: A small map with just enough variation to keep the average player happy for a short logging run. It has some terrain challenges to try and you haul logs. Not much more to say about, it’s small so download it and use for when you only … Continue reading

Map – Sandy Coast

Author: no107064 Source: Oovee A good map with lots of ground to explorer, yes its big, and a lot of decloaking to be done. It has twists and turns, custom object, lots of sand, forest and mud. Fun for the whole family! * 4-3-2015 * Lumber mill fix map uploaded … Continue reading

Map – Birch Woods

Author: A High Hamster Source: Oovee Another AHH map. With some really nice scenery among which a nice waterfall crossing a path which has a vertical drop next to it. Excellent map for the more skilled driver. A good challenge in hardcore mode. Tip: do NOT try and take a … Continue reading

Map – ProjectOne

Author: Schlammspringer Source: Oovee A map with an interesting starting point. You start on an island in the middle of the water. Getting to shore can be done but drive carefully. Nice build of the terrain with a few nice challenges like an unfinished bridge near the mountains. Trying to … Continue reading

Map – Overgrown

Author: A High Hamster Source: Oovee The title says it all. A map. Which is overgrown. A lot. Normal roads are almost non-existent and you get to explore the map through overgrown forest tracks and through bushes and between the trees. A map to enjoy if you want less tarmac … Continue reading

Map – Proseka

Author: unknown Source: Big map with beautiful hills and valleys. A challenge to bring the logs from point a to b without tipping over or crashing into a tree. Latest stable by: King Unique