Kraz 5131

Author: CyMpak A short truck which still packs quite a punch. Can be fitted with several addons and two wheels. The truck has: – 16 addons – 11 default addons – It’s own sound – cockpit camera – is capable of carrying 2-4- 6 points logs [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/kraz_5131.7z’ /]

Kraz 255 Vintage

Author:Nicholas Dumka Really authentic looking 255. Excellent texturing on this which makes up for a lot. It has a great list of addons to add as well as some nice tires choices. Features: -43 its addon+default -8 types of wheels -your cargo -my sound [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/KrAZ-255_Vintage.7z’ /]

KrAZ-255 «Crocodile»

Author: no clue Source: Has: -28 + 12 their addons default -3 kinds of wheels -Custom cargo -Custom sound -type of cab -animationconnections, the light installation [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/KrAZ-255 Crocodile.7z’ /]


Author: Dumka Nicholas Source: Excellent quality mod. Lots of addons, amazing wheels and more then enough pulling power to solve most hauling or rescue challenges. [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/kraz_6322_v1_1_by_dumka_nikolay.7z’ /]

Kraz 6316

Author: Paul Kablukov Source: A terrific 8×8 kraz experimental vehicle. Good for logging or taking garage parts and fuel to a stranded transports. This truck will get you there because it can! [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/KRAZ 6316_latest_stable.7z’ /]

Kraz 260

Author: Paul Kablukov Source: I quite like this Kraz. It is just without streamlining, nice square body with enough power under the hood to get through most of the worst terrain you can find in this game. Three sets of wheels to choose from and the default list of … Continue reading

Kraz 255 B1

Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: The might Kraz 255 B1 arrives to the latest_stable version of the game. Two sets of wheels and the usual default list of addons. Have fun! [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/Kraz255b1_latest_stable.7z’ /]

Kraz V18.1

Author: WDM Source: A nice variation on the old Kraz is this one more modern looking version. Can be equipped with all the usual addons and three sets of tires to choose from. [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/KrAZ_B18_1.7z’ /]

Kraz 258 + DU-50 roller

Author: Model and textures: Paul Zagrebel’nyi Maxim Pioneer, ronnie. Addons: Paul Zagrebel’nyi Maxim Pioneer, ronnie, unknown. Wheels: Maxim Pioneer. Sound rink Maxim Pioneer. Cargo: ronnie, Paul Zagrebel’nyi. Source: A 6X4 truck with a nice set of wheels to choose from and a decent list of addons including a large fuel … Continue reading