Kamaz 63501 Military trucks

Author: unknown Two great trucks in one package. One can be fitted with lumber equipment while the other can transport cars, good and a bridge which can be used to cross a river. Excellent quality mods.

KamAZ-Riat – «Polar»

Author: ReDPOW This is a brutal truck. A 8×8 monster meant for one thing, conquer the map no matter the cost. It can carry several different loads plus some trailers. When i low gear it will plow on until it gets where it needs to go. Ideal for swamped maps.

Kamaz 65222

Author: RAMAXA Source: stmods.ru Info from stmods: -6 their addons -2 type their wheels -Changed wheels on dissolution -New dissolution and platform -kanistra fuel 40L -bagazhnik repair 100 + 40l fuel -added point hook -Changed CAT and suspension -type of cabin -sposobnost transporting logs 2 and 6 points

Kamaz 8×8

Author: furkat This is a beast. Plain and simple. It can do logging but can be loaded with a list of other stuff like cablerolls or bricks. Several tires to choose although i like the default set a lot. This truck is almost unstoppable.

Test drive – Old Skool Kamaz

Remember the good old tech demo days? Remember that pretty amazing kamaz truck we all loved to do package pickup with? Well thanks to Gabe_2.0 we can now have that Kamaz in the game. A little more tweaking and testing is left to be done but when it is released … Continue reading

Kamaz 44108

Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: vk.com A new version of the Kamaz 44108. Addons list does not match the previous one by Dmitry so this one gets its own post. Nice set of addons among which i good looking truck trailer. Good set of tires to choose from and a good texture … Continue reading

Kamaz 52114

Author: Voodoo Source: vk.com Very nicely done truck. This is the Kamaz 52114 6×6. It can be fitted with 4 sets of tires and the usual addons, all work except for the medium log trailer which somehow is misplaced. I did not have the time to fix this. But that … Continue reading

Kamaz 65226

Author: Lexan, Max Dmitriev, RedPoW Source: vk.com This is the kind of mod i really like to see. It just looks massive and powerfull. It can be fitted with the default addons, no extra wheels. This truck has good pulling power and even though it is on road tires it will … Continue reading