Map – High Desert

Author: Blackwater_CA Source: Oovee This is a really challenging map. It is ideal for when you want to do some technical driving instead of just driving along and doing some logging. I did this map with the Unimog SWB and it was quite a treat. There are parts of this … Continue reading

Level – High Country

Author: Drifticidal Source: Oovee This is an open map for exploration loosely based on some of the high country ranches around the area I live in. There are plenty of trails to follow but the premise of the map is exploration so it is fairly open for you to travel … Continue reading

Level – High Torque

Author: Text from author:1. The map contains: 1 Garage 2 Fuel stations 2. Versions: v1.0 (current) 3. I hope to find on the map? Rivers Mud Rocks Hills One apartament (yeah! one apartament) Logs Ramps Trees Old boat abandoned Trains 4. Testers Thanks to the guys (Spin Tires Trail Club … Continue reading

ST14 – High res maps

Author: Stonelouse Source: Oovee For the maps currently avaible in the game we now have high resolution maps for you to use. If you want to make the game even more difficult the use these maps to plot your course instead of using F1.