ST14 – Hummer H2 SUT 4×4

Author: Bregel Source: unknown This is the more common version of the H2 Hummer. With just 4 wheels ;). The mod comes with a choice in wheels and various small addons like a winch bumper. The exhaust smoke was missing so i added that to the xml. The truck drives … Continue reading

Bregel Hummer H2 6×6 Tweaked

Tweaker: Arya Suun Source: Oovee The Hummer H2 6×6 from Bregel is already an impressive vehicle but Arya has taken it a level higher when it comes to expedition style trucking. The car has had a ton of adjustments and tweaks. Here is the list: Separated rear wheels into Middle … Continue reading

St14 – Hummer H2 SUT 6×6

Author: Bregel Source: unknown Bregel created this monster a while back in the tech demo days. It is a big brute that will try to conquer almost any terrain. Three types of tires are available. It has good suspension and animation besides just looking intimidating. The truck  is upgraded to … Continue reading