SID H1 Hummer

Author: SID Source: Oovee A new hummer to play with. This time it is a SID build which means great suspension, lighting and animation. The truck has IFS and a appetite for mud and difficult terrain. Just like a real hummer it is a great truck to go exploring with … Continue reading

Brute Hummer H1

Author: BruteTerror Source: Oovee This is a good solid car to go offroading with. It has been called the honey badger on the forum because it does not care what you make it do it will do it smiling (if a car could smile). It can take a punishment and … Continue reading

Test drive – SID H1 Hummer

The Hummer H1, by SID, represents the real life vehicle. It is more tractor then car because it has no problem with mud at all. It just plows through and keeps on going. Good set of wheels underneath and just take a look at that interior. By far the best … Continue reading

H1 Hummer 6×6

Author: ChameleonHUM Source: This is a nice Hummer to add to the collection. It’s a H1 Hummer 6×6 and it is a beast! Doors can be added and a raptor roofrack with more lights. Give it whirl and enjoy conquering almost any terrain.

Hummer H1 Alpha

Author: Max Dmitriev Source: A good looking H1 alpha hummer. With two sets of wheels and 1 addon. It does the job like a hummer would, slow but steady. It can handle pretty much all sorts of terrain just make sure you navigate with caution because it can tip … Continue reading