95 GMC Crew Cab Dually

Author: BruteTerror Source: Oovee This is the bigger version of the GMC dually that BT made a short while ago. This is a crew cab version which it is longer. Addons are the same as on its smaller brother and it comes with a good choice in wheels. Don't be fooled by its length, it has more than … Continue reading

1972 GMC Suburban

Author: GreaseMonkey Source: Oovee This is a good set of cars to have in your ST parking lot. Two suburbans, one in showroom condition and one which has seen some sun (or too much) and has a nice patina paintjob. Both cars can be fitted with two sets of tires, roofrack and brushguard. Excellent … Continue reading

ST14 – GMC C4500 6×6 Ironhide

Author: Nicossalonso ST14 Conversion: Igor Spolovich Source: vk.ru Another unauthorized conversion from Igor Spolovich. If only he would ask the original authors for permission. Anyway, despite the illegal conversion, this is a amazing 6x6 big truck resembling Ironhide from the Transformers … Continue reading