Author: Tattoo Source: Oovee forum The gearboxes have been restored to working order using the work of this good man. Watch his Youtube video and then download the zip at the bottom of this page. H pattern gearbox Hurst shifter with Skull This is a really cool one. The eyes … Continue reading

Gearbox calculator spreadsheet

Author: PressureLine Source: Oovee Things have changed a little since v6, so here’s a quick rundown of how things work: Data Entry: The only vales that you will need to change are in the Green boxes. Depending on your regional settings you may need to use ‘,’ as your decimal … Continue reading

ST14 – Gearbox graphics

Author: Dexadrinne Source: Oovee The manual gearstick in Spin Tires can be used to shift gears manually. But did you know there is a number of gears you can use? I did not until this mod appeared. It clearly display the number of gears available for you. And when you … Continue reading