Author: Vadim Chugaynov With redesigned suspension and changed throughput and power this Gaz looks amazing. A new cabin color  plus customized light  and new wheels. Features: -5 + addons its default are two kinds of wheels -Custom sound -type of cabin 29-9-16 update – A green body was added – A crane was … Continue reading


Author: CyMpak Mix Mad Max with a Gaz truck and this is what you get. A truck that is crap at off road but good at running barriers and knocking trucks over with its front mounted blade. Can be fitted with wheels, chained and without chains. Machine gun and two … Continue reading

Gaz 66 double cab

Author: Authors: Eagle Dynamics (DCS Ka-50: Black Shark), selonik, TruckerStas, Alex j, vorkir, Maxim Pioneer, ronnie. envelope and rework Author: Roman Kovalchuk Good looking double cab with a good set of wheels to choose from and a effective addons list. Does whatever job you want it to do excellently.  

GAZ-63 and GAZ-63m

Author: Source: Text from vk. Sorry guys, no need retype the whole story.: Two modifications of the truck are presented in the fashion has: -11 + your addons default -3 kinds of wheels -Custom sound -type of cabin -Custom cargo also has a built-in events (authors: driver-51rus, Paul Kablukov) … Continue reading

GAZ 233002 aka Tigr

Author: 3D-Bucket Source: Workshop Yet another render of the Gaz Tigr. A really good competition for the Hummer H1. Comes with three tires to choose from and some addons which are placed inside the truck, so sadly they are not visible.

Gaz 66 M beta

Author: Sergey Pasichnyk Source: This is fun Russian style. A Gaz 66 M beta which can be driven the same way a T-150 can. Be being able to twist midframe it can take sharp bends and sharp corners. Can be fitted with two wheel sets and a list of good … Continue reading

GAZ 2975 Tigr

Author: Pixelherder Source: Oovee Looking for a car that can take some punishment while you are busy scouting the terrain for roads and log piles? Then look no further. The Gaz 2975 Tigr has been converted by Pixelherder. As usuall a high level of detail and realism. I will not … Continue reading

Gaz 34

Author: Victor BVG Source: More of this please. The mighty gaz 34 6×6 truck in camo outfit for the latest_stable of the game. This truck will move mountains if handled properly. Good set of addons to choose and all good fun to use for whichever mission you want.

GAZ 66

Author: Model and textures: Paul Zagrebel’nyi. Addons: Eagle Dynamics, ronnie Source: This seems to be a improved Gaz 66. It can now carry short logs which is a bonus next to the usual gaz 66 addons. Fun truck to be using for short logging trips.