ST14 – Cistern Trailer Monster

Tweaker: Prereq: Ural Polyarnik + Ural Polyarnik Orange Skin Yes this does not do MP or achievements. This is a tweak of the default fuel cistern trailer from Spin Tires. When you install the two prereqs you can download the zip from this post. Unzip it and then insert … Continue reading

ST14 – KRAZ 255B Fuel Transporter

3D Model/textures: Tiamat. Author Bone, XML, Textures: modfiles. Author converter: Alex Ryskal. Source: Oovee Does not support MP or achievements. ** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by Kaku ** Originally a 2011 demo mod this truck has now been converted to the full game by Alex. … Continue reading

ST14 – Mini fuel trailer

Author: Source: When we say mini we mean it does have a 2000 liter capacity. It’s a mini fuel trailer which can be hooked onto trucks such as the Maz or Kraz and then used to fuel other trucks etc. Nicely done mod with good texturing and physics. … Continue reading