Test drive – SID 39 Ford


Today on the Proving Grounds, which is the Desert Challenge map, the new 39 Ford by SID. Not finished yet but close to being released after some fine tuning. It is a big truck, lifted with big tires. A classic SID production which eats rough terrain for breakfast! Fun to drive … Continue reading

Test drive – F250 (BruteTerror)


Coffee. Check. Big awesome truck to test. Check. Today on the Proving Grounds the Ford F-250 pickup by BruteTerror. The test rig came with several good tires to choose from with various behavior on mud. For example the tractor tires really dig in where others do not. The truck is … Continue reading

ST14 – Ford F350


Author: BruteTerror Skin: SpunInDarkness Tech Support Anders Orum, Arraial Testing, Unlimited Modding Team Source: Oovee This is the might Ford F350 pickup truck. Brought to live in ST14 by BT and SID. Its a powerfull truck which brings you a choice in tires, exchaust (rear and two types of stacks) and two trailers. … Continue reading