68 Ford F-200


Author: BruteTerror Source: Oovee An all American pickup truck. The 68 Ford F-200. Looks rugged and drives like it also. It has three tires to choose from and a set of skins (by SID) to make the car look like you want it too. It is a beta, some work … Continue reading

Ford Raptor IFS


Author: SID Source: Oovee This is just a normal Raptor. Almost. It’s a bit different as it has a new lightbar and most important a fancy IFS which stands for Independent Front Suspension. It allows the truck more flex in the front giving you a normal truck with just a … Continue reading

Test drive – Ford 150 Prerunner


This is a Ford F150 prerunner. By BruteTerror. Suffice it to say this is a truck made for Project X kind of maps. It’s fast and like the Raptor Prerunner it absorbs landings for breakfast. It is a lot of fun to drive around the Project X map or the … Continue reading

Ford Raptor SVT


Author: SpunInDarkness Source: Oovee This mod comes with 16 factory paint schemes and 5 custom SID paints. Check the texture folders for the skins and read the “read me” file for instructions. This mod comes with working dash lights. And it comes with a lot of fun included. This is a … Continue reading

ST14 – SID 1939 Ford


Author: SpunInDarkness Source: Oovee This is a 1939 Ford which means it is old. Really old. But not yet done having fun! It comes with 4 colors and 2 tires to choose from so you can customize it a bit. It has no addons but you don’t really need them … Continue reading

Test drive – SID 39 Ford


Today on the Proving Grounds, which is the Desert Challenge map, the new 39 Ford by SID. Not finished yet but close to being released after some fine tuning. It is a big truck, lifted with big tires. A classic SID production which eats rough terrain for breakfast! Fun to drive … Continue reading

ST14 – Ford Bronco Concept


Author: SID Source: Oovee This is a must have the car for when you use a map like the Off Road Park map. It really can go (almost) anywhere. It has speed so watch your driving. Two sets of wheels to choose from as well as skins to put on the … Continue reading

Test drive – F250 (BruteTerror)


Coffee. Check. Big awesome truck to test. Check. Today on the Proving Grounds the Ford F-250 pickup by BruteTerror. The test rig came with several good tires to choose from with various behavior on mud. For example the tractor tires really dig in where others do not. The truck is … Continue reading