Test drive – Dense Forest (work title)

This i got this morning from none other than Bregel. Yes, the Bregel. Who we know for delivering eye candy mods like the Toyota FJ40 and the Mercedes G series. And now he is also getting a feel for what it means to build a level. And this map is … Continue reading

Test drive – 66 Chevy Truggy

This morning started out great. With a new build from SID in the shape of a 66 Chevy Truggy just screaming for trail driving and rock crawling. This is one amazing car to look at it and it drives just great, i never felt it needed to go out of … Continue reading

Test drive – Luto map

This was a nice test drive. Lexxuzzz is working on another map and its called Luto. It features boggy areas, tight forest roads, trails and rolling hills of grass (you could almost hear the Sound of Music being interupted by the roar of a beefed up UAZ thundering past). The … Continue reading

Test drive – Wicked Valley map

This is going to be a good map for those who want more technical driving instead of logging. Made by Richie this is Wicked Valley. And its a valley that lives up to its name. Full of twisted roads, wicked climbs and rock and trees making an easy drive impossible. … Continue reading

Test drive – Bow Water Pass

This was a treat after returning from my holiday. A new map by Minitor. He does not make maps in a fast pace but when he does it’s a good one. This map is for those who love a challenge getting from A to B with a truck. Twisty roads … Continue reading

Test drive – 66 Custom Chevy

Test driving a Chevy 66 Custom from SID today. Good to be back from vacation and be able to do this. Excellent truck to drive. It feels right and does not feel overpowered. It gives you enough power to get through terrain you would expect it too. Which is something … Continue reading

Test drive – Map Stagnum

We have a new player in the realm of map making by the name of Lexxuzzz and i was fortunate enough to be asked to test drive a map he has worked on for a while now. Called Stagnum. It is, for a first map, brilliant if you like go … Continue reading

Test drive – International Scout Open Top

This is a open top lifted version of SID’s International Scout which he is currently building. It is somewhat like the little brother to the hard top Scout. In the way that is has to prove himself more then its older brother. It is lifted and has slighlty larger tires. … Continue reading

Test drive – International Scout

SID has been doing himself a favour by creating this new mod. International Scout from 1977. It is still in his workshop but this test drive gave a pretty good idea of what this little truck can do. It is of high quality as we have come to expect from … Continue reading

Test drive – Winter Season mod

Draconus43077 is working on creating a weather mod for Spin Tires that many of us would want. A Winter Theme mod to be precise. It is a work in progress but we got permission to do a test drive with the 90% completed package. And it is awesome. The test … Continue reading