Dodge 5500 dually

Dodge 5500 dually

Author: BruteTerror A beauty of a american pickup. The Dodge 5500 dually comes with a good set of wheels to choose from and a list of usefull addons to add such as a log trailer and a car rescue trailer.

Dodge Durango 1998

Author: BruteTerror Excellent offroader with only wheels to choose from. From offroad to badass offroad this truck will take you almost anywhere. Be warned, it did seem to tip over easy when i drove it but then i do not drive gently 😉

1985 Dodge RamCharger

Author: Hazzard Source: Oovee Hazzard is a good example of a mod maker steadily becoming better and better. An example is this RamCharger he did. Excellent ride. Looks good and does the job properly which is too power through Americana style!

SID 91 Dodge Ramcharger Open Top

Author: SID Source: Oovee A nice open top version of the Dodge Ramcharger from SID. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Comes with a set of textures to choose from. If you like my mods, consider a donation. Thanks SID.

ST14 – 1999 Dodge Ram

Author: SkullOfDeath Skins: SpunInDarkness Source: MP/Achievements: No This is a brutal truck. It looks the part and drives like a maniac. Three tires versions to choose from. And you can add a snorkel, garage crate for garage points, roll bar or toolbox with repair points. The texturing on the … Continue reading