Level – Cruiser Adventure

Author: n0107064 On the map: – 6 garages; – 4 refueling; – 1 sawmill; – 1 felling; – 1 point manual loading; – 18 intelligence points. Changes: – revised some parts of the card; – Changed the swamp, made a furnace; – Desert land has got small dunes; – Small … Continue reading

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 VX

Author: Bregel THIS MOD REQUIRES SPINTIRES PLUS V7 OR ABOVE TO RUN PROPERLY. GRAB LATEST SPINTIRES PLUS HERE : http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/files/file/1310-spintires-plus/ SPINTIRES PLUS is needed to get different suspension setup, gear setup and torque for each body style also different traction for each tire tread. TUTORIAL HOW TO INSTALL SPINTIRES PLUS … Continue reading

ST14 – Toyota Land Cruiser

Converter: Igor Victorov Source: vk.com Mp/Achievements: No This is a nicely converted Toyota Land Cruiser from the game Off Road Drive. The truck handles great and can take the punishment. Comes with a choice in tires and addons plus two trailers.

ST14 – Toyota FJ Cruiser

Author: Alexei Filimonov Source: vk.com/spin_tires_ru A rather nice version of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, it comes with three wheels and a set of skins. No addons. It does have a very good texturing and animation. And it drives really really good. ** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard … Continue reading