Level – Rackywetsmoll

Author: NTSR In need of some heavy duty rock crawling and also wanting to get the wheels wet? Then download this map as it combines the two. The map is resembling a washed out valley with lots of roads to pick from. Boulders and rocks are everywhere, also underwater so … Continue reading

Testing Level X

Author: X Currently testing a new map which is being worked on by a well known map maker. This map is awesome if you want to do some rock crawling in a rock crawl course made by Mother Nature her self. Very natural placement of rocks and trees and all … Continue reading

Map – Diamondback

Author: Nix_909 This is a rock crawler map. And nothing more. Oh you can do some logging if you want but really this map is all about rock crawling. Imagine taking each rock and place it on this map, shaping and moving it. One by one. Lot of work went … Continue reading

Birth of a crawler

  The birth of a crawler.. This is a how-to for transforming an ordinary truck into a rock crawler. 1 –  Pick your battles. When you want to create a crawler truck out of a standard truck or car choose wisely. Don’t think you can pick a big 6×6 truck … Continue reading