Gantry crane

Author: unknown (if you know let me know) This is a mod unlike any other. With this one you can add a crane to the game which can pick up wood or trucks. Using the regular keys you can move the crane on its tracks and operate the grabber. Do … Continue reading


Author: Arraial Source: Oovee Arraial is amazing us all again with this. The Man Titan Crane. A 4×4 crane, with front and rear wheel steer, doors and windows that can open, anchors to secure the crane and parts that can fall off when you crash. Parts like the bumper and … Continue reading

ZIL 133 rg crane

Author: . The model texture: OOVEE, Alex j, ronnie. Addons: OOVEE, Alex j, ronnie, RedPow, unknown. Wheels: Maxim Pioneer, OOVEE. Source: Another rendition of the Zil 133. It has all the nescesary addons plus really good animation, check out the driveshaft and the turning cement truck and the inside cab … Continue reading

Crane operating guide

Author: KrisJay Source: Steam +++ Posted with permission from KrisJay +++ Thank you for choosing to read this guide. We at Crane Operations Ltd. hope this colourful guide will be helpful to many desperate people who would like to learn more about operating the crane in the all new and … Continue reading

ST14 – Kraz Titan

Tweaker: Bombine33 Source: Oovee MP/Achievements: No Prereq: Man Titan by Arraial and Kraz 6316 by BruteTerror Warning: Overwrites the Kraz 6316 from BruteTerror. This tweak needs two other mods to come to life and wil overwrite the kraz 6316. But you then get the best of both worlds.. the awesome … Continue reading