SID Chevy ZR2

SID asked me to do a test drive and when he does ask me i don’t hesitate. Glad i did not hesitate now because this Chevy ZR2 is a off road beast. It has no problem with the w.i.p. Perdido map from Lexxuzzz at all. Crawls through mud easy and … Continue reading

Monster 55 Chevy

Author: Powers2240 Source: Oovee This is a nice Monster truck to have. Features two tires and a whole lot of torque plus 4 colours to setup. Set to zero damage so you can drive it around all day long with recieving damage. Real good fun this mod!

66 Custom Chevy

Author: SID Source: Oovee Text copied from Oovee forum: This is a custom version of the 66 Chevy mod I did a while back. Here is a list of things I’ve changed. New bumpers, Grille, Axles, Headlights, Wheels, and Textures THIS MOD WILL DISABLE ACHIEVEMENTS AND MP This mod comes … Continue reading

Test drive – 66 Custom Chevy

Test driving a Chevy 66 Custom from SID today. Good to be back from vacation and be able to do this. Excellent truck to drive. It feels right and does not feel overpowered. It gives you enough power to get through terrain you would expect it too. Which is something … Continue reading

95 Chevy Regular Cab Dually

Author: BruteTerror Source: Oovee * text copied from Oovee forum * I Give you my 95 Chevy Regular cab Dually Pickup.. With Custom Add-ons 5 Skins to chose from Includes A Clear Cache. This Clear Cache Does notdelete your saved games.Plz leave a comment In the Support page Reporting any … Continue reading

Chevy CMP

Author: LetsRockAndRoll Source: Oovee Brilliant truck this Chevy CMP. Its old, from the WWII era, but it gets the job done. Very handsome looking old truck which can be fitted with two tire sets and several addons.

Test drive – Chevy CMP

This is the Chevy CMP from LetsRockAndRoll. [Wiki] The Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck was a class of military truck – of various forms – made in large numbers in Canada during World War II to British Armyspecifications for use in the armies of the British Commonwealth allies. Standard designs were … Continue reading

Test drive – ’85 Chevy

Author: Eclipse81 This is a mod of a ’85 Chevy pickup truck that is being worked on. It has some minor defects which are now being repaired but overall it is a mod which looks promising. The ride is good and it handles the terrain pretty good. Addons such as … Continue reading

Baja ’66 Chevy

Tweaker: Smithco Source: Oovee This is a tweak of a truck made by SID. Smithco has tweaked into a dirt track racer like we have not seen before in this game. Proving once again that Spin Tires has more to offer then just hauling logs around a map. There are … Continue reading

ST14 – SID 1966 Chevy

Author: SID Source: Oovee What a beast this 1966 Chevy pickup is. Comes with three tire choices and several good looking skins, look in the textures folder. Does a real good job at just tearing through a forest or muddy place. If you like my mods, consider a donation. Thanks … Continue reading